Intelligent vehicle control system , technology applications issued smart cards (mifare) control of the vehicle in a convenient way, the system enables simultaneous control of four lanes in / out at 1 port (including 2-lane automobile, two-lane two-wheel), system combined with vehicle license recognition camera, camera, capture and storage of the image of vehicle at the time. The advantages of the system:

- Use smart card, the ability to read contactless cards, easy to manipulate and longevity of the device is very high.

- All equipment achieve industrial standards, continuous operation in hot environments, more dust.

-The capacity of storage up to 1,500,000 vehicles turn in /out (both data and image car).

I. Technologies used:

  • Use the smart card chip memory to visitors.
  • Using the RFID tag read range of 3 meters away for the guest use monthly card (cars), guests in the apartment. Visitors in / out parking without lowering windshield presenting the card, the system automatically detects a valid ticket on the car and open the barrier for the ride.
  • Use the camera capture and recognition software for automatic vehicle license recognition to compare vehicles in service and post-test (optional).
  • Use color imaging camera on the front of the car and the car whenever in / out to control and post-test for comparison.

II. Parking management software:

1. Control System at I / O

  • Control all the input / output ports (At this port and other ports).
  • Each Lane allows cars and motorcycles in general (or private), the software must automatically differentiate between types of vehicles (cars and two-wheel vehicles) in the lane to handle, control opens barrier properly.
  • Time control car into a fast, <= 5 seconds for 1 car
  • Simple interface manipulate easily for users

 2. Vehicle license recognitionn software system

  • Identify the full form of the characters in the number plates, including number 1 or 2 lines of text
  • Fast time identification, <1 sec / 1 time
  • Recognition ratio for clear view of vehicle license recognition is> = 90% (clear number plates are not visible obstructions, not crooked, not soiled by mud clinging, visible to the naked eye).

 3. Automatic card issuance system

  • Issuing card with one press of the button
  • Customer information is recorded entirely on the card to compare

4. CCTV lanes system

  • Each A car turn on / off the system are taking a picture in front of the camera from the car lanes
  • The information at the time of control (lane control, date control, personnel control, card number) is overwritten pictures to cater for ex-post audits.
  • Each size image must not exceed 150 KB to save the memory card reader handheld device.

5. The backup control system in case the primary system crash

  • When the system encountered a problem waiting to overcome
  • Operations system still control vehicle normally by backup system.
  • All information will be updated to normal after the system has been overcome.
  • Each a car turn on / off the system are taking a picture in front of the camera from the car lanes


Location: Number 91 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Total lane: 4 lanes, two lanes of cars, two lanes of motorbikes.