Toll collection procedure control is not stopped, Technology is applied regularly for customers. The system uses RFID tags range (read in far distance from 3 to 6 meters). When the customers enter/ exit, guests tagged into the windshield of the car and the system automatically detects the card, check the effect and open barrier for the car. Advantages: Using the card read range up faster processing time, especially for the automobile driver does not need to lower glass to hands out when go in/out parking.



Process operating system:

Vehicle have card in / out parking, while control card reader port range automatic vehicle identification card and open the car through the barrier. When the car pass, the barrier automatically shutdown. Ending the cycle.


The advantages of this technology devices:

- Very compact and weight: Easy to stick on the windshield, not fall down in the sun

- The price of each card is very cheap, it is suitable for the needs of customers

- The Time to use the card does not depend on the number of times through the station

- The Speed of Card Reader is fast, while the average car escaped 20-30 km / h

- At one card can register for multiple vehicles, even access control applications (Access Control)

- No interference with other broadcasting equipment, even equipment such as Wifi same frequency 2.45GHz.


Location: Building Cantavil - Hoan Cau, BT District, HCM City (Nearly Van Thanh Park)


Total lane: 4 lanes, two lanes of cars, two lanes of motorbikes.